Summer Vibes and Sacred Tunes: 7 Worship Songs for June

Posted on Friday, June 9, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

Summer Vibes & Sacred Tunes: 7 Worship Songs for June

Summer is a season filled with warmth, joy and a sense of renewal. As we embrace the longer days and bask in the beauty of nature, music becomes a powerful way of connecting with our creator by expressing our love and appreciation through worship.  We invite you to immerse yourself in the summer vibes and discover these seven uplifting worship songs that perfectly capture the essence of June. From anthems of gratitude to songs that celebrate God's faithfulness, these Air1 chart-toppers are sure to inspire and ignite your spirit as you embark on a journey of worship during the sun-kissed days of June.

1. "Sunrise"

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In our hearts, we know that God is good and that He loves us, but every now and then, the world around us can obscure our vision, making us believe that God no longer cares. When the sun sets each day, leaving us in darkness, we know that it is still there. In the same way, we can enter a season where it seems like God has left us, but He is still there, just out of sight. In “Sunrise,@River Valley AGES reminds us that before long, we will always see God’s glory shining into our lives to light up our darkest moments. 

2. "Always So Good"

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When standing at the base of a mountain that we are asked to climb, we often find ourselves worrying that the feat will be too much for us to handle. We think that God will be unable to see us through to the top, having forgotten that He already has in the past. In “Always So Good,@Thrive Worship reminds us of the miraculous things we have seen God do in our lives, using it as evidence that He will see us through the challenges of today.

3. "Silence"

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Day in and day out, we cry out to God for help and guidance through the journeys of our lives. Sometimes when we reach out to God, we do not receive an immediate response. In that period of silence, we can begin to feel like God has abandoned us, when in reality, He is still working everything out for our benefit. In “Silence,” @JWLKRS Worship brings us the truth that God will never abandon us, charging us to keep the faith even through the quiet space between our prayers and God’s answers.

4. "Light a Fire"

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When we first find salvation in Christ, a new flame arises in our souls that burns brighter than anything we have known before. As our lives go on, however, our flames can dim as we are weighed down by the struggles and heartache that life brings. In “Light A Fire,@David Leonard reminds us that our fire can be stoked up once again. With God’s help, we can reawaken our burning passion for life with Christ and stir our hearts to powerful faith once again.

5. "More Than Able"

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In life, there will always be situations we face that will seem impossible. Situations where we feel hopeless, like there is no way to pull out a win. For every season of our lives, there will be a seemingly unscalable mountain that God is asking us to climb. These mountains can make us want to throw in the towel when we stand at their bases and look up, but in every one of them, God provides a way up for us. In “More Than Able,@Elevation Worship reminds us that God has enough power to see us through, and then some. No matter the mountains we face, God always provides a way to climb it.

6. "I've Witnessed It"

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It has often been said that seeing is not the same as believing. Oftentimes as Christians, we see amazing things happening all around us, but we can be blind to God’s part in it. When we receive blessings we rejoice, but we do not realize how important God’s part in it was. In “I’ve Witnessed It,” @Passion brings us the revelation that we have seen God working, performing miracles and changing the lives of those around us, and we must remember the things we have seen, passing them on to others as testimony of His power and love. 

7. "Plead The Blood"

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Throughout our lives, the enemy tries to discourage us and condemn us because of the ways we have sinned. The enemy loves to tell us that we are not worth Jesus’ love because of the ways we have fallen short, but this message is a lie. In “Plead The Blood,” @Chris Davenport, @Brandon Lake and @Cody Carnes all collaborate to declare that Jesus’ blood is our defense against any accusation that is thrown at us. Jesus’ sacrifice testifies in our defense, so we do not need to be condemned any longer. 

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