Passion Helps Us Believe in Miracles in "I've Witnessed It"

Posted on Friday, May 12, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

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"You love and I’ve witnessed it
You heal and I’ve witnessed it
You save and I’ve witnessed it
And I’m confident I’ll see it again"

It has often been said that seeing is not the same as believing. Oftentimes as Christians, we see amazing things happening all around us, but we can be blind to God’s part in it. When we receive blessings we rejoice, but we do not realize how important God’s part in it was. In “I’ve Witnessed It,” Passion brings us the revelation that we have seen God working, performing miracles and changing the lives of those around us, and we must remember the things we have seen, passing them on to others as testimony of His power and love. 

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“I’ve Witnessed It” brings a powerful sound, showcasing Passion rock-worship sound to its fullest while masterfully reminding us of the wonders God has worked in our lives. Melodie Malone’s vocals provide the perfect presentation for this song, as her voice declares the mission of proclaiming God’s wonderful works to the world. We have all seen God working in the lives of those around us, and even through our own testimonies. We must remember these miracles when things look tough, and hold onto the faith by keeping the victories in our hearts.

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When miracles happen, we must refuse to brush them off as coincidence or chance. We must attribute the good in our lives to the One who truly makes it happen. God has given us much more than we ever realized, and we need to realize how good He has been to us if we truly want to see the extent of His love for us.

“In every high and every low
You never left me without hope
You were good and You’re good right now”

“I’ve Witnessed It” was released as a single in February 2023. Paul Wittinghill, one of Passion's drummers, describes the mindset behind recording live albums with multiple takes. “I never know which take will be chosen for the album at Passion Conference. That means every time I come to lead the people, I try to play with heart. The minute I think about ‘recording’ or playing it ‘correctly’ is a terrible thing… It’s also a great way to miss out on the joy of worship.”

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