JWLKRS Worship: Experiencing God's Grace in the Silence

Posted on Friday, May 5, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

New Song Feature: "Silence" JWLKRS Worship

Even in the silence Jesus you're working 
and I believe it still, 
I believe it still
so let your promise be fulfilled"

Day in and day out, we cry out to God for help and guidance through the journeys of our lives. Sometimes when we reach out to God, we do not receive an immediate response. In that period of silence, we can begin to feel like God has abandoned us, when in reality, He is still working everything out for our benefit. In “Silence,” JWLKRS Worship brings us the truth that God will never abandon us, charging us to keep the faith even through the quiet space between our prayers and God’s answers.

WATCH NOW: JWLKRS Worship “Silence”

“Silence” begins with an inspiring, hopeful electric guitar riff playing gently before the song’s energy truly rises. The lyrics declare that even though we may face great challenges, we can welcome them because they are growing and building up our perseverance. This song’s modern, rocking worship sound balances out a somber tone with triumphant praise. In those moments where we feel hopeless, songs like this can stir our hearts to powerful praise again.

When we pray for God to move in our lives, we are not often immediately met with the answer that we want. Sometimes, other things need to fall into place before we can receive the answer we are hoping for. When God does not give us an answer at all, we need to remember that He has promised to take care of us no matter what. Though we may have to wait and struggle through some difficult situations, we can know that Jesus will always be working everything out for our ultimate good.

“As I walk through the fire let it purify me I know you're with me there
Though fear and doubt may find me God you hold the victory
I know you're with me there”

“Silence” was released in January 2023 as the debut single of JWLKRS Worship. JWLKRS Worship describes the mission and vision for their music. “Our focus is on being the hands and feet of Jesus locally and globally by bringing hope to a lost and hurting world, just like Jesus did.We aim to raise up the next generation of men and women who exercise the love, compassion, and purity of Jesus Christ in order to impact new and challenging times with eternal truths.”

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