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Entry to the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland

U.S. & World

UN Approves Resolution That Condemns Denial Of Nazi Holocaust Against Jewish People And Others

Israel’s No. 1 enemy, Iran, “disassociated” itself from the resolution.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Stanislaw Mucha

Pastor Tony Evans

U.S. & World

Tony Evans Okay With Voluntary COVID Vaccines, But Not Mandate

“Our issue is against mandates, not against vaccinations if you choose to, and there are a whole lot of biblical reasons for that.”

Photo Credit: CP/YouTube/Tony Evans

Source: christianpost.com

military crash

U.S. & World

Charges Filed After 2 Marines Lose Lives, 15 Hurt, In NC Crash Involving Military Vehicles

The proximate cause of the collision is exceeding a safe speed for the turn.

Photo Credit: Shanteya Hudson, News Channel 12

Source: wjla.com

testing center


Fraudulent ‘Pop-Up’ COVID Testing Centers - 8 Tips To Avoid Phony Testing Scams

Medical experts and government officials are warning consumers to be extremely wary of substandard or fraudulent “pop-up” testing centers.

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune/Antonio Perez

Source: chicagotribune.com

Campus Of Hope

U.S. & World

Large 'Campus Of Hope' Proposed For Northern California To Combat Homelessness

Some told CBS13 they support the idea but only with conditions. “They need counseling because every single person that’s homeless has a problem and they have to individually be cared for.”

Photo Credit: CBS13/Sacramento

Source: sacramento.cbslocal.com

Oscar Meyer beauty mask


Oscar Mayer Creates Bologna-Inspired Beauty Face Mask

From bologna - to beauty!

Photo Credit: ABC 7 Chicago

Source: abc7chicago.com

CT scans


CT Images Display COVID Lung Damage Differences

Radiologist: The extent of potential damage COVID-19 can cause on the lungs and long-term damage can depend on whether a person is vaccinated.

Photo Credit: KCCI/WBAL-TV

Source: kcci.com

Paul Brown Stadium


FAA Investigating Drone Video During Bengals Playoff Game - Safety Issue

Specifically, drones are prohibited within three nautical miles of the stadium or venue during the game.

Photo Credit: WLWT-TV

Source: wlwt.com

Pregnant mom, dad and son

Good News

'She Loved Like Christ Loved': Police Officer's Wife Dies Days After Giving Birth - Community Rallies To Support

It's the very community this couple grew up in, loved, and served that has now come back to love on them.

Photo Credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

Source: fox5atlanta.com

Photos of Team USA uniforms

U.S. & World

Team Uniforms Unveiled For American Olympic Squad

Team USA's opening ceremony uniforms for the Beijing Olympics include some sneaky new warming technology

Photo Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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