Worship in the Workout: 7 Tracks to Elevate Your Exercise

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2024 by Air1 Staff

Worship in the Workout: 7 Songs to Elevate Your Exercise

Psalm 118:24 (NLT) declares, "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." Are you ready to rejoice and be glad even in your workout routine? Infusing your exercise sessions with worship music can transform times of struggle into moments of gratitude and celebration. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or doing a home workout, these seven worship tracks are perfect for keeping your energy levels high and your spirit lifted. This playlist combines faith, fitness and BPM (beats per minute) to help you push through your limits while embracing the joy of worship. Happy lifting!


"Count Em'" Brandon Lake

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With its upbeat double-timed tempo of 140 beats per minute and powerful lyrics, "Count Em" by Brandon Lake is a fantastic track to kickstart your workout. Not only does the song's production provide an epic soundtrack to the start of your workout but the lyrics remind us that our God has committed so many miracles that we have no way of counting them all. The song's energetic beat will get your heart pumping and set the tone for an invigorating exercise session.


"Praise" Elevation Worship

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Elevation Worship's "Praise" is a dynamic song that blends powerful catchy melodies with motivating rhythms at 127 beats per minute. The standout hit from Elevation's record has become an anthem for Christians around the world, giving hope and reminding to praise in every circumstance. When you just need that extra push to keep going, this track reminds you that your God is alive—and helps you praise Him through every step and rep.


"People of Heaven" Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake

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"People of Heaven" combines a powerhouse production with 128 beats per minute to create a heavenly anthem of hope! Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake bring soaring vocals and catchy melodies that will have you inspired to run, lift or maybe even dance your way through your workout!  The song’s driving beat and inspiring message make it an excellent addition to your exercise playlist, keeping you focused and determined to do a few more sets.


"Glorious Day" Passion

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"Glorious Day" sits right around 110 beats per minute and brings an infectious energy to any workout. Passion and Kristian Stanfill bring powerful vocals that inspire and build into an anthem of redemption. Its fast tempo and celebratory lyrics about new beginnings will help you power through even the toughest parts of your routine.


"Sunrise" River Valley AGES 

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"Sunrise" is the perfect song when you need that extra burst of energy to power through and catch that extra wind. River Valley AGES brings a vibrant 128 beats per minute, catchy hooks and lyrics that depict the constant nature of our living God.  The song’s uplifting vibe is perfect for the middle of your workout, providing a motivational boost just when you need it.


"I Believe" Phil Wickham

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Another selection from Phil Wickham, "I Believe," combines a strong 133 beats per minute with heartfelt worship. The song's production will immediately fuel your energy with a kick drum on every beat and encouraging lyrics that echo the apostle's creed. "I Believe" will have you declaring your faith in Christ in the middle of your workout and reminding you of the joy and strength that comes from a worshipful relationship with God.


"In The River" Jesus Culture

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"In The River" by Jesus Culture is an exhilarating track that will keep you moving with its lively rhythm and powerful lyrics. At 118 beats per minute, it's an ideal song to finish your workout on a high note, leaving you feeling accomplished and spiritually refreshed. Coming alive in the river!

Incorporating these worship songs into your routine can transform your exercise time into a time you spend with God that nourishes both your body and soul. Let the inspiring lyrics and energizing beats of these tracks help you achieve your fitness goals while staying connected to your Creator.

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