Elevation Worship 'Praise' Exclusive Performance

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2024 by Air1 Staff

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Do you praise God in the good times? Do you praise God in the bad times? There are moments in our lives when it feels easier to praise God than others. During tougher times, we might need some assistance or reminders that help give us perspective on how much we should be praising. Elevation Worship recently visited the Air1 Studios and delivered an exclusive performance of their hit song 'Praise,' highlighting the importance of praising God both in the peaks and valleys of our lives.

Tiffany Hudson takes the lead vocals on "Praise," her voice soulfully initiating the song with reaffirming lyrics that declare our commitment to praising God regardless of our earthly circumstances. Transitioning into the pre-chorus and chorus, the lyrics serve as a powerful reminder that as long as we have breath in our lungs, we ought to praise the Lord with all our soul.

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As the chorus unfolds, the harmonies and layered background vocals build a captivating sonic landscape, ensuring that the hook remains stuck in your head for weeks to come! Transitioning into the bridge, the lyrics serve as a reminder of the many reasons behind our praise: 'I'll praise cause You're sovereign, praise cause You reign, praise cause You rose and defeated the grave.' What greater reason is there to worship our Lord and Savior?

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Praise was released in the spring of 2023 and has become an anthem for Christians around the globe. In an interview with Billboard, Elevation Worship frontman Chris Brown stated: “We’re blown away by what God has done with ‘Praise,’ and we’re thankful for everyone who has streamed, tuned in and shared the song. We hope it is a great reminder of all the reasons to praise God not just for what He’s done, but for who He is.”

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