River Valley AGES "Sunrise" Exclusive Performance

Posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 by Air1 Staff

"The promises you have for me
Are forever captured in wonder
Light found within your love
Lord you're constant as the sunrise"

In the midst of life's darkest days, it can be a challenge to see the light piercing through the clouds. Yet, even during those dreary moments, the sun remains steadfast behind the veil. River Valley AGES' song "Sunrise," draws a parallel between the unwavering nature of God and the consistent rising of the morning sun. Recently showcased in an intimate Air1 Worship Session, this 2023 hit encapsulates a timeless message that resonates with believers on a powerful level.

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"Sunrise" starts off with lyrics that resonate with Believers that live in a fallen world. "Lost in darkest days, drowning in shame where light seemed lost." As Christians we're told to be lights in the darkness and some days it can be harder than ever to let your light shine. As the song progresses, River Valley AGES boldly declares in the pre-chorus, "You took my past and shattered it," reminding us that God has forgiven us for our past transgressions while musically paving the way for a resounding chorus affirming God's faithfulness akin to the sunrise: "God, you're faithful as the sunrise; surely, you'll never leave." The anthemic hit song serves as a powerful reminder of redemption and the enduring constancy of God's presence.

Feel free to replay the video, allowing yourself to bask in the comfort of knowing that God is ever-present, and He will never leave or forsake you.

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