Faith Behind The Song: "In The Name Of Jesus" JWLKRS Worship & Maverick City Music

Posted on Friday, May 31, 2024 by Scott Savage

Faith Behind The Song: "In The Name of Jesus" JWLKRS Worship

Our kids would hear us pray at meals and before bedtimes. They, however, came to a surprising conclusion we did not anticipate. 

They began sending their prayers with "Amen - The End!" They heard us end our prayers with the word "Amen" and assumed it was similar to their favorite children's books, which all concluded with those two words "the end." 

We tried to teach them that Amen ended the prayer and meant "so be it." Saying "amen" was our way of affirming what we had just prayed, agreeing with what someone else had prayed. 

I heard them use this prayer ending so often that once, when I was praying in public as a pastor, I ended my prayer with "Amen, The End." The surprised gathering chuckled, and I had some explaining to do!

But, as universal as "Amen" is, the phrase before it is also well-known. Many of us end our prayers with "In Jesus' name, Amen." However, just as many people don't know the meaning of "Amen," many do not know the meaning of "in the name of Jesus." 

For those who have never pondered the meaning of this ever-present phrase, two popular worship bands have recently launched a song that meditates on it. JWLKRS Worship, in collaboration with Maverick City Music, wrote "In the Name of Jesus" - a powerful anthem that declares the power of Jesus' name to transform any part of our lives. 

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In the first verse, the bands announce the power of Jesus in their lives. 

"I've been lost
And what I've found
There's One Name
That can turn it all around
And I've been blind
But now I see
With just one word
You can set me free." 

The song sets the audience's hopes and faith in the name of Jesus—the source of power for their greatest problems. In a post on Air1's Instagram page, Noah Schnacky of JWLKRS described the faith that undergirds this song: "We believe the name of Jesus has power. The power to heal. The power to encourage. The power to break addiction. The power to inspire. Our idea was to put that power into a song."

Healing, encouragement, freedom, and inspiration are things every person I know needs more of today. Yet so many of us (even those who follow Jesus) look for those in sources other than Jesus. We end our prayers with "in Jesus' name" while forgetting that Jesus' name is the source of our power to overcome our shame, sin, and doubt.

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However, our needs and prayers are only sometimes met or answered in the ways we'd like. Praying in Jesus' name and praising Jesus' name does not guarantee that we won't have to wait. This reality is one of the main reasons I'm so grateful for "In the Name of Jesus." The song's bridge speaks directly to this often-overlooked dynamic of our life with God. 

"I've been patiently waiting
For You to save me
You won't let me go
Jesus, I'll keep on praising
Till everything changes
Cause You're in control."

The live audience does not sing the bridge once. The bridge is repeated three times. Now, I can understand why it might seem frustrating for those who aren't fans of repetitive songs. But, while some might not like repeating song lyrics, we often find ourselves repeating prayers. Who hasn't prayed for the same outcome or brought the same situation before God in prayer repeatedly? We patiently wait and persistently praise God until He brings a breakthrough. 

Jesus commends this kind of persistence in the Gospels. In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tells a parable about a persistent widow who gains a favorable outcome from a corrupt judge due to her continued requests. In Luke 11:5-8, Jesus compares our approach to prayer to a needy man who comes to a friend's house, banging on the door until the man wakes up and gives him what he needs.

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In his most famous sermon, Jesus taught his followers to pray relentlessly in His name. "Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened."

When we bring our prayers and praise to God, I wonder if we realize the power available to us. "In the name of Jesus" is more than an ending indicator. Those five words are our opportunity to claim God's authority and promises—one of many gifts to us through our salvation in Christ. We have more power than we realize!

So, the next time you pray and feel like you're saying "the end" with that common prayer conclusion, pause and consider the power of those words. Speak them with boldness and confidence. Then, keep praising and praying until you see God move mightily in your situation!

Scott Savage is a pastor, author, and speaker with the best last name in the world. Scott’s writing helps people transform difficult circumstances into places where they can thrive. He leads Cornerstone Church in Prescott, Arizona, and loves watching movies with his wife and three kids. You can begin Scott’s newest project, The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, today.

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