JWLKRS Worship Finds a Cornerstone ‘In the Name of Jesus’

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

New Song Feature: In The Name of Jesus - JWLKRS Worship & Maverick City Music

JWLKRS Worship elevates one name that stands above them all on the collective’s new single, “In the Name of Jesus.” A collaboration with Maverick City Music, the spirited track features Chandler Moore helming lead vocals alongside JWLKRS’ Noah Schnacky. This isn’t the first time the buzzworthy JWLKRS Worship has joined forces with GRAMMY®-winning Maverick City Music. The two groups also united for 2023’s “Crazy Love.”

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Boasting of the unmatched power found in the name of Jesus, the song’s chorus affirms:

"I am not alone
He’s bigger than my problems
I find all my hope
In the name of Jesus 
He won’t let me go
I stand on every promise 
I find my cornerstone
In the name of Jesus"

“This song was just an idea among friends,” Noah offers. “See… We believe the name of Jesus has power. The power to heal. The power to encourage. The power to break addiction. The power to inspire. Our idea was to put that power into a song.”

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Now, fans of both collectives are already making the celebratory anthem a personal declaration as they discover the genuine power that exists in exalting the name of Christ. This version — recorded live — finds a choir of authentic voices organically singing along, lost in a moment of frenzied praise that magnifies the breadth and strength of our Creator and showcases the singular ability of our Savior to do the impossible in our lives.

Prior to dropping “In the Name of Jesus,” JWLKRS Worship recently collaborated with Housefires for explosive chart-topping track “I Thank God,” a celebratory proclamation of gratitude that continues to reverberate around the world.

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In addition to new music, the group just launched “Walk Like Jesus,” the official podcast of JWLKRS Worship. Hosted by Noah’s siblings, Colby and Allie Schnacky, a fresh podcast episode drops every Tuesday.

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