Artist Spotlight: JWLKRS Worship

Posted on Saturday, June 24, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

Artist Spotlight: JWLKRS Worship

One of the freshest collectives on the airwaves, JWLKRS Worship (Pronounced Jaywalkers Worship) is a community of young adults who seek to revolutionize worship for the current generation. Composed of multiple young Christians, this collective may just be finding its feet in the broader realm of worship music production, but has already made a lasting impression on us. Where did these new voices come from, and what will they do next? Join us as we dive into the brief history of JWLKRS Worship and get to know the heart behind the band.

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The community of JWLKRS church began in a humble upper room setting, kicked off by a group of young adults who wanted to know God closer. Through their services, this group of 20-year-olds would begin seeking God and bringing others along on their journey with them. Since 2015, JWLKRS has been hosting services and leading worship, but it would take a few years of growing and learning before the JWLKRS Worship collective would take shape. 

Featuring the talents of talented young creatives such as Noah Schnacky, Mickala Williams, Tiffany Hope, Austin Armstrong, and more, JWLKRS Worship slowly formed out of the JWLKRS gatherings. Out of the trials of the pandemic, these individuals came together like never before to create their first original worship single, “Silence,” which would release in early 2023. After receiving much recognition on social media outlets like Instagram and TikTok, and seeing over a million streams on music platforms like Spotify, this collective of worshippers most recently collaborated with Housefires to release their own version of “I Thank God”.

This collective seeks to remove the shackles that many have placed on worship, returning to the true meaning behind the act of praise for Christ. Whether your God-given gifts lie in music or simply in being there to help others, JWLKRS believes that every form of service is equally valuable as an act of worship to God. This group has only just begun their mission to overhaul the way we worship, and we are eager to hear more from them, as they continue to bring us exciting new anthems of praise in the near future.

Allie Schnacky, one of the collective’s members, explains the group’s outlook on expressing worship in unique ways. “I feel like the world, and just so many Christians, have kind of, like, boxed worship into just the musical side, but with JWLKRS Worship, we believe that when you use the gifts that God has given you for his glory, then that is your true form of worship. When you speak, when you sing, when you serve, all of those things are what it means to be in worship.”

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