7 Songs for Back-to-School

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2022 by Katie Clinebell

7 Songs for Back-to-School

When summer fades and it's time to go back to school, sometimes it can feel like you're a ball of emotions. You might feel excitement because a new season is starting, sadness that summer vacation has come to an end, or even anticipation looking forward to what is to come! Whatever emotion you feel as you head back into the classroom, we've got a song to help you worship through it all!

1. Same God

Same God

When we hear of the amazing stories of God’s miracles in the Bible so many years ago, we can forget that God still has the power to perform miracles in today’s world. God can still move in us the way that He moved in David, Moses, Mary and so many others in the Bible stories that we read so often. In “Same God,” Elevation Worship and the vocal talents of Jonsal Barrientes call on God in a time of struggle, declaring the way that His power has been seen in ages past, and can be seen again today. Barrientes and all of Elevation raise their voices, ringing out their desperation for God and asking him to move in their lives like He has so many times before...

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2. Nail Scarred Hands

Nail Scarred Hands by Dante Bowe

Jesus came to the earth and suffered much pain for our sakes. In order to free us from our sins, a terrible price had to be paid, and Jesus volunteered Himself for this undertaking because of His great love for us. In “Nail Scarred Hands,” Dante Bowe brings to light the effects Jesus’ sacrifice has on our lives. By enduring great difficulty, Jesus opened the way for our lives to thrive. Our lives can see real change all because Jesus signed up to receive nail scarred hands. Through His suffering, we can be set free from our prisons and claim the victory that is ours with Christ...

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3. Lion

Lion by Elevation Worship & Brandon Lake

When we stare down our own giants, preparing to face them each day, fear can cause us to quake in our boots. As we look at the opposition coming against us, we seem to have more faith in their success than in the power of our God. We quickly forget the great power that we have access to through Jesus. We often remember Jesus as a lamb that was slain for our sins, but we need to remember that He is also the roaring Lion of Judah; majestic and strong. In Elevation Worship & Brandon Lake’s “LION,” we are given a tangible reminder of God’s power and glory. With this song, we can sing forth God’s power in our lives, whatever we are going through. We have a Lion in our corner...

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4. Coming Back

Coming Back by Thrive Worship

Each of us has strayed away from God at some point in our lives. Even after our souls have been redeemed by Christ, we can still find ourselves drifting away from God as our attention is focused more on other things. In “Coming Back,” Thrive Worship provides a beautiful ballad for returning to our knees before Christ’s presence. With this song, each of us can stoke the flames of our relationships with Christ once again, rekindling our first love...

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5. There is Freedom

There is Freedom Josh Baldwin

Without Jesus, the low valleys that we walk through in our lives can seem impossibly dark, and we hope can be difficult to find. Once we put our faith in Jesus, however, every valley becomes the path of a promise that lands us on the mountaintop once again. In, “There Is Freedom,” Josh Baldwin shows us that when Jesus is guiding our lives, we can have an unending joy even when things look dark. Because of the freedom we have in Christ, the darkness does not have to weigh us down anymore. Instead, we can walk through the darkness, singing and dancing in the joy we have through Jesus...

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6. Worthy of My Song (Worthy of it All)

Worthy Of My Song (Worthy Of It All)

We have all heard stories of God making miracles happen in the least likely places. When things seem to be too far gone, God can change the situation entirely. But we forget that God can also say no. Sometimes the miracle we ask for does not come. In these moments, our faith will be tested. We will be tempted to give up on God. In Maverick City Music and Phil Wickham’s “Worthy of My Song (Worthy of it All),” we are given an anthem to sing in times of despair. When we don’t get the miracles we want, we can sing this song to reinvigorate our faith and surrender to God’s higher ways...

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7. Yahweh (No One)

Yahweh (No One)

There truly is no one like our God. Through the ages, man has assigned value to idols and attempted to create their own gods to worship, but none of them have ever been worthy of real praise. Our one, true God created the heavens and the earth by simply speaking them into existence. In “YAHWEH (No One),” Chris Tomlin and Elevation Worship team up to bring God’s incomparable nature to light. Our Yahweh is the highest One that there is, and nothing can ever compare to his goodness and glory...

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