Charity Gayle Testifies to the Consistent Faithfulness of God on ‘I Believe’

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

New Song Feature: "I Believe" Charity Gayle

From the beginning, You’ve been unchanging. Age to age You stay constant, You remain. Every mystery, the questions I’ve carried are safe within Your will. So I trust You even still,” Charity Gayle sings as she introduces her new offering, “I Believe.”

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An unwavering declaration of the consistency of our Heavenly Father, “I Believe” was one of many songs Gayle and her husband, Ryan Kennedy, wrote in the wake of their oldest son’s premature arrival, as well as a cancer scare for Gayle. The soaring anthem of hope fits in seamlessly with the 13 additional originals that comprise “Rejoice (Live),” Gayle’s third full-length effort.

The “I Speak Jesus” singer says the album was birthed from a period of difficulty, yet miraculously, these new selections radiate hope and light despite circumstances, pointing to the face of Christ.

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“As Ryan and I were writing songs in this season, we didn’t necessarily have a theme for the record. We were just writing songs in response to situations we were experiencing. However, we started to notice the joy we would have in the midst of our storms,” Gayle shares. “So the album, ‘Rejoice,’ is a collection of truths to sing out in the midst of our…hardships; to praise our King, who gives us peace beyond our understanding.”

Lyrically and sonically, “I Believe” organically resides inside the full narrative that unfolds across “Rejoice.” The resolute anthem of faith testifies to what we know to be true of God even when we can’t see how He’s working through our current situation. Gayle admits “I Believe” is one of her personal favorites on the record.

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The burgeoning worship leader recorded “I Believe” and all the other tracks on “Rejoice” live at The Mulehouse in Columbia, Tenn.

In April, she and her husband welcomed their second son, Ryder. 

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