Maverick City Music Affirms God’s Presence ‘In The Room’

Posted on Friday, December 15, 2023 by Lindsay Williams

New Song Feature: "In The Room" Maverick City Music feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard

If you’ve ever doubted the nearness of God, Maverick City Music’s latest single, “In The Room,” is for you. Led by the group’s Naomi Raine, the building anthem also features special guest and powerhouse vocalist Tasha Cobbs Leonard

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“Just go ask Daniel if our God will bring you out, and he will testify He shuts the lion’s mouth,” the ladies attest. “Go ask those Hebrew boys if He’ll stick by your side, they will identify the fourth man in the fire.”

“In The Room” is included on the five-time GRAMMY®-winning collective’s complete 22-track album, “The Maverick Way,” which also served as the namesake of the decorated outfit’s most recent tour.

“This song is about the presence of Jesus in our toughest moments, reminding us that He’s by our side through it all,” Maverick City Music shares of the powerful sentiment behind the original track. “For anyone in the middle of a seemingly impossible situation, here’s a reminder that God is with you and can bring you out of any circumstance.”

The fresh selection provides three radical examples of times when our Savior was in the room. Specifically, it leans into a trio of individual stories from the Bible: when Daniel found himself face-to-face with a pride of lions; when three brave Hebrew boys refused to bow down to their nation’s idols and were thrown into a fiery furnace; and when a dead girl was raised to life by Jesus. 

Ultimately, the declaration reminds us that there’s no room the Lord is not currently standing in today. His presence makes all the difference — turning fear-laden situations into extraordinary illustrations of courage and faith; and transforming the impossible into the possible in an instant.

“There’s something special that happens when Jesus comes into the room,” Raine asserts. “The dead situations, the dead things, have to respond to His voice.”

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