Elevation Worship Depicts A Lord of Wonder in “CAN YOU IMAGINE?”

Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

Album Spotlight "CAN YOU IMAGINE" Elevation Worship

For years now, Elevation Worship has been one of the most consistently creative worship collectives on the charts, bringing us new sounds paired with deeply moving lyrics again and again to bring us some of our favorite songs of the past decade. Elevation has once again brought together a collection of talented creators to produce “CAN YOU IMAGINE?”, their latest album, featuring the talents of Chandler Moore, Jonsal Barrientes, Brandon Lake, and more. Come along as we listen through a few of the most memorable and repeatable songs on this latest outing from Elevation.

Jonsal Barrientes backs up last year’s hit “Same God” with another iconic worship ballad in “No Body”. This rocking worship anthem is at its best as Barrientes declares that no enemy can hold down the Lord, because there is no body left in the grave that he merely borrowed. Only Jesus is worthy of wearing the crown and sitting at the right hand of the Father. This song’s powerful energy will make you pump your fist as you declare Jesus’ absence from the tomb like never before.

Listen to Elevation Worship in “No Body (Feat. Jonsal Barrientes)”

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Originally released as a single, we are overjoyed that “More Than Able” was included as part of a full album, as it gives us an excuse to listen to it once again. Chandler Moore and Tiffany Hudson’ pairing in this slowly building declaration of God’s capability increases the song’s dynamic nature, boosting its power and moving our souls to sing along, as the vocalists declare that anything is possible. We should always think twice before we say that anything cannot be done. Our perspective is too limited for us to declare that God’s power is incapable of anything.

Listen to Elevation Worship in “More Than Able (Feat. Chandler Moore & Tiffany Hudson)”

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From the start, it is clear that the venue is about to shake when “Jehovah” is playing. Chris Brown’s immediately recognizable voice bids us to call out the name. This song’s unashamed rock sound provides an interesting backdrop as Brown calls out the name of Jehovah in many ways, reminding us of all of God’s varied titles and what they mean for our lives. God is not simply our creator, but he is also our defender, our healer, and our provider in every moment. We cannot imagine what our lives would be like without Him.

Listen to Elevation Worship in “Jehovah (Feat. Chris Brown)”

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Long-standing Elevation vocalist Chris Brown says the band prefers to keep their focus on their own battlefield when it comes to their songwriting.

 “Our number-one priority will always be to write songs for our church people. We don’t have a vision for writing for audiences beyond our church. We honestly feel the power and anointing come from us writing in our context.” 

Elevation Worship proves that by being faithful and working within your own assignments from God, He can make incredible impacts to larger audiences than you might think.

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