Songs of Ascent: The Benjamin William Hastings Story

Posted on Friday, January 6, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

Artist Spotlight - Benjamin William Hastings

When it comes to big worship collectives with multiple lead singers on every song, it can be easy to lose track of some of the names that sing your favorite songs. At first, some may not recognize the name of Benjamin William Hastings, but they surely recognize his voice on songs such as “Seasons,” “Highlands (Song Of Ascent),” and “So Will I (100 Billion X)”. After years of collaboratively creating incredible worship music, Hastings has released a new, self-titled solo album. In celebration of Hastings’ career so far, and in preparation for what’s to come, we are taking a look back at Hastings’ journey to see how he became the artist we see today.

Listen to Benjamin William Hastings’ Sing "Feels Like a Blessing" Exclusive Acoustic Performance

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Raised in Northern Ireland, Hastings had a propensity for music, working at the Lisburn Music Centre. Hastings would move to Sydney Australia by the time he was 20, and began studying in Bible College in 2011. During his studies, Hastings would became part of the worship band UNITED's writing process, helping to create the song “Victory”. While all this was happening, Hastings would also meet the love of his life, fellow church member Jessie. The two would marry in 2014 and currently care for their daughter, Juniper.

Within a few years, Hastings would be writing and performing his songs alongside artists like Joel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood, Taya Smith and more. Working with UNITED and their worship collective, he would create and sing songs such as “Crowns,” “So Will I (100 Billion X),” “The Lord’s Prayer,” and “That’s the Power”, while working with Joel Houston to produce UNITED’s “Highlands (Song Of Ascent),” “Know You Will,” and more. After many years of working closely with these two groups, Hastings has even put out his own solo album.

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After collaborating with so many different artists for so long, Hastings seems ready for a solo career, but has indicated his intentions to remain an integral part of UNITED during this new adventure. Having released a self-titled solo album and collaborating and touring with creators like Cody Carnes, Hastings begins a brand new chapter of his career. With songs such as “Feels Like A Blessing”, we have loved what Hastings has shown us so far, and are eager to hear more from this artist in the near future.

Hastings’ music has consistently elevated our spirits and masterfully expressed the complex emotions behind the cycle of doubt, fear, and surrender that Christians experience so often. With the artist beginning his solo career, we expect to hear bold new creations from Hastings and are intrigued by who he might collaborate with next. All the while, Hastings’ plans to remain with UNITED ensure that one of our favorite collectives will continue strong as well. It is a bold new day for Hastings and we believe his music will continue to speak to our hearts and put a smile on God’s face.

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