Posted on Sunday, Apr 03, 2022 by Air1 Pastors

Station 4 Jesus Goes Before Pilate

I don’t know about you but when I get to the end of my life, I want to finish well. Many start the race, but do not finish. Some throw in the towel early, while others run to the finish line. But how do we finish well? Jesus is our perfect example of staying on mission.  

In our text today, Jesus stands before Pilate, answering the question-“Are you a king?” Jesus responds by sharing the reason he came to earth. "I was born to testify to the truth.” - John 18:33 (NLT)

Standing before Pilate, Jesus stays on mission. He does not lose sight of his mission. The mission? To testify to the truth. All of us are placed on earth to fulfill the mission God has given us. God is calling us to stay the course. Distractions and detours may come our way, but the call remains the same for every believer – stay on mission and finish well.  

Pause and Reflect  

  1. Reflect on your mission. Write your mission statement and decide to stay the course.
  2. What does it mean to stay on mission? The primary way we stay on mission is by connecting to Jesus every day and committing to our local church.
  3. Jesus was committed to the truth. Determine in your heart to commit yourself fully to God’s word.

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