Are you at a crossroads in your life and don't know which direction God is leading you? The Christian life can be challenging and filled with difficult decisions. These resources will help guide your decision-making path, so that ultimately you will see see God's faithfulness through the tough choices you face.

How To Make A Godly Decision

How To Make A Godly Decision

By Air1 Pastors

Decision Resources


The Paula Faris 'Faith & Calling' Podcast

One of ESPN's most prominent sideline reporters, Maria Taylor, opens up to Paula about her paralyzing fear of failure, imposter syndrome, the selfishness of perfectionism, learning how to extend herself grace, and the big role her mom played in helping her overcome it all. Maria talks about the mistake she made on one of the biggest stages of her profession and how she thought it was going to end her career but instead became a big motivation in changing her mindset.

31 Proverbs

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