To be safe and secure is a basic human need. Things may surprise us, but God is never surprised by anything. The Lord acts as a shelter of protection for you while you weather the storm. All He wants us to do is trust in Him. Check out the resources below to find out more information on God's protection and how it can change your life.

4 Promises of God's Protection

4 Promises of God's Protection

By Air1 Pastors

Protection Resources


Lovafide with Nicole C.

Nicole C. Is a nine-time Dove award winner, two-time Grammy nominee, and is best known for her hit songs Redeemer, Call on Jesus, On My knees and the Larry Boy theme song. She is also a mother of 3, a mentor, a well sought after speaker and an author! As a self proclaimed Bible nerd, Nicole enjoys breaking The Word of God down into bite sized portions.

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