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Finishing Strong

“Fight the good fight for the true faith.” 
- 1Timothy 6:12

It was my freshman year in high school. Our basketball team was down by 20 points, but we were still fighting for a win. We were in the closing minutes of the final quarter, and people in the stands started to leave because they thought the game was over. But our coach reminded us, “It ain’t over until the clock says zero.” 

There’s a lot of truth to my coach’s statement. It’s not about how you start; it’s about how you finish. Maybe your life didn’t start fantastic, or it isn’t going well right now. If you’re living and breathing right now, you still have time to finish strong. 

Finishing solid means staying faithful until the end. Remaining loyal to God, our family, and doing the very thing God has called you to do. 

The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint. This means we need endurance if we are going to finish well. 

There are a lot of people counting on you. Your spouse, children, coworkers, friends, and strangers you haven’t met yet. One of the best gifts we can give the people in our lives is the gift of finishing strong. Too many have been shot down with discouragement, and as a result, they have stopped running the race. They have given up on their families, God, and themselves. 

Regardless of your start, the good news is, the game is not over. So don’t throw in the towel just yet. So how do we finish well? Here are a few ideas: 

  1. Seek to know Jesus first above doing things for him. Keeping our hearts close to Jesus is key to finishing well. If our focus is on doing things for God, we will drift into tasks instead of falling in love with him every day. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
  2. Fight good fights. There are some fights in this life that are foolish. Choose your battles wisely. So, what are some good fights? Fight for your purity, for your family unity, and fighting the enemy’s lies with God’s word. These are fights worth fighting. Don’t let the enemy distract you from fighting the wrong battles.
  3. Walk in the light. Yes, we are to live our lives out of a transparent, vulnerable place. Secret sins will kill your passion for God! Walk in the light. Confess regularly with God and a trusted friend. This will keep you from stumbling.
3 Ways to Finish Strong 1. Seek to Know Jesus First Above Doing Things For Him. 2. Fight Good Fights. 3. Walk In The Light.

Many have started the Christian life. The question remains – Will we finish well? 

Digging Deeper 

  1. Where are you struggling to finish strong in your life?
  2. What areas of your life need to come into the light?
  3. To finish strong, we need to keep our hearts close to Jesus. What are two ways you can keep your heart close to Jesus this week?

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