2024 Air1 T-Shirt

The Air1 Worship Through It T-Shirt

Made of 100% ringspun cotton, this year’s tee was chosen by you, the Air1 family! Sporting this inspiring message will remind you to worship through whatever comes your way.

How to Get Yours

Pssst...it’s not available in stores. It’s an exclusive thank-you gift for Air1 supporters only! To be eligible for yours, give $30 monthly or make a one-time gift of $360. Wish you could have two shirts? Now you can! Please give $60 monthly or a one-time gift of $720.

Give Now & Get a T-Shirt

Want More Information?

These unisex shirts are on black cotton, with the Air1 motto “Worship Through It” on the front. Additionally, we are limited by shipping constraints and cannot ship out of the U.S. at this time. Learn more about the shirt, timelines and how to claim yours at our Air1 T-Shirt FAQ page.

T-Shirt FAQs