Josh Baldwin 'Made For More' Exclusive Performance

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2024 by Air1 Staff

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Have you ever felt lost in the daily grind, yearning for a love and happiness that only Jesus can provide? This longing resonates deeply with Romans 12:2, which urges us to break free from the world's patterns and seek transformation through God. Josh Baldwin recently visited the Air1 studios for an exclusive performance of his powerful new song, "Made For More," which echoes this message with stunning clarity. 

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"Made For More" is an important reminder that we were created for a purpose far exceeding our own daily lives. In the performance, Baldwin's soulful vocals soar above a foundation of rich piano chords, building a soundscape that intensifies throughout the track. The band's accompaniment remains tastefully understated in the first chorus, allowing Baldwin's message to take center stage. But by the second verse, the music explodes with energy, mirroring the lyrics' declaration: "I wasn't made to be tending a grave, I was called by name, Born and raised back to life again, I was made for more!"

This exclusive performance offers a captivating glimpse into the emotion and power of "Made For More." It's a song that demands to be sung along to, a rallying cry that reminds us of our worth in God's eyes. Let "Made For More" be the soundtrack to your journey of self-discovery, a journey guided by faith and fueled by the boundless love of God.

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