River Valley AGES Proclaims God’s Firm Foundation in "Everything U Do"

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2022 by Katie Clinebell

Everything U Do River Valley Ages

"I’d be lost if it was not for You
I’m in love with everything You do
I will only sing Your praise"

Storms seem to come often in life. Wind rushes heavily and threatens to knock us down. Without an anchor to keep us in place, we can find ourselves swept out into the wild, our hearts left adrift in a vast sea of uncertainty. In “Everything U Do,” @River Valley AGES declares the way that we would be lost without Jesus, affirming their steadfast love for Him. With a rock sound that brings energy and life to their praise, River Valley AGES provides us with an anthem for our devotion to God and everything He does. 

WATCH NOW: River Valley AGES “Everything U Do”

“Everything U Do” starts with the sound of an electric guitar before the rest of the instruments jump into the praise. The lyrics describe how before Christ found us, we were alone in darkness, starving for the light that God could bring. As the song’s chorus ups the energy even further, the song’s uplifting rock sound is infectious, and one cannot help but bop along to the beat.

"I’d be lost if it was not for You I’m in love with everything You do I will only sing Your praise"  - lyrics from "Everything U Do" by River Valley AGES

The song’s final verse says that if the entire world was to crumble beneath us, we can stand strong with God. We must remember that our true firm foundation is not found in this world. Jesus’ love is the only thing that can support us through all of the storms and struggles of the world. And let us always remember the confusion and desperation that God has saved us from.

We’ll lift Your praise
Till the whole world hears it”

“Everything U Do” was released by River Valley AGES in October 2022 as a part of their album, “ALL AGES ADMITTED”. The group shares a bit about their mission, saying, “We desire to be an example of what it looks like to pursue the dreams God has put on our hearts in an honest, authentic, and genuine way while silencing the lies of insecurity… Ultimately, we want to use what’s in our hands to point and lead the next generation into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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