Red Rocks Worship "Echo Holy" Exclusive Peformance

Posted on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 by Air1 Staff

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"A million angels fall
Face down on the floor
All to echo Holy is the Lord"

Over the years, Red Rocks Worship has continued to be a worship collective that has given us song after song that have helped bring us to worship with God. During an intimate session at Air1 Studios, Red Rocks Worship graced us with a live rendition of their hit song "Echo Holy," a song that beckons us to a place of reverence and worship.

The lyrics of "Echo Holy" paint a picture of the entire universe falling down in worship. The opening lines, "Gathered at the highest throne, welcomed by a melody, anthem I have always known, a song that's always been in me" echo a feeling that we can all relate to, the constant and thriving need to worship our Creator.

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The chorus's simplicity is its brilliance, a testament to the power of united voices lifting up the song of heaven. As we sing, we join in harmony with the heavenly choir, harmonizing in praise of the Supreme. With every note, "Echo Holy" invites us to partake in a celestial chorus that reverberates throughout the cosmos, resounding the holiness of our Lord.

Watch the video above and join in worship to the God of the universe!

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