Maverick City Music Brings Hope to the Forefront in "Fear is Not My Future"

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2022 by Katie Clinebell

Fear is Not My Future - Maverick City Music

"Fear is not my future
You are, You are
Sickness is not my story
You are, You are"

God can work anything out for the good of His people. Time and time again, God has given us promises to prosper us and lead us into the future that we were always meant to experience. Yet, as troubles come and tragedy strikes, we quickly lose sight of that future. We get lost in the menagerie of fears and worries for today as we lose sight of God’s promises for our future. In “Fear is Not My Future,” Brandon Lake and Chandler David Moore’s voices restore hope to our troubled minds, bidding farewell to sickness, heartbreak, and death as we embrace the peace, love, and joy of Christ in our lives.

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“Fear is Not My Future” starts with a gentle piano as Lake encourages us to let God turn the situation in our favor, reminding us that He isn’t finished until the story is good. Maverick City Music’s choir of voices join Lake and Moore’s vocals in the chorus, as the song bids hello to hope. The song’s energy truly brings a sense of triumph as the lyrics proclaim that God is our future, not the worries and fears that we have now.

“Let Him turn it in your favor Watch Him work it for your good He
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Though this world can give us many reasons to fear, worry, or stress, God promises that He will work everything out for our benefit. In all things, we simply need to trust in His higher purpose. When we realize that God is greater than anything we could face in this world, fear no longer has a place in our lives. Despair is no longer welcome. Hope has taken its place. And this hope will carry us to the end.

“Let Him turn it in your favor
Watch Him work it for your good
He’s not done with what He’s started
He’s not done until it’s good”

“Fear is Not My Future” was released in June 2022, as a part of Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin’s album, “Kingdom Book One”. Maverick City Music continues to be enlivened by the response to their live performances. Tony Brown, CEO of Maverick City Music says, “Being on tour and seeing the response of 10,000+ people each night has truly been such an inspirational experience.”

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