Matt Maher and Chris Brown Declare Desire to Witness a Miracle With "In The Room"

Posted on Friday, March 10, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

New Song Feature "In The Room" Matt Maher & Chris Brown

"I just wanna be in the room
Wanna be in the room when you move
And I’m not leaving
Not leaving till you do"

Many of us have dreamt of being there when Jesus worked miracles and healed people of their maladies. How amazing it must have been to witness such amazing feats of God’s power at work in the lives of the people of that day. In @Matt Maher and Chris Brown’s “In The Room,” we are reminded that we can still witness miracles today. Jesus still invites us into the process, allowing us to be in the room when the people around us experience miracles of many kinds.

WATCH NOW: Matt Maher “In The Room (Feat. Chris Brown)”

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“In The Room” begins with a simple beat and the gentle playing of a guitar, as Maher reminds of those moments where God moves like never before. In these special moments, Heaven and Earth draw close to each other, and we catch a glimpse of the wonder of God. Chris Brown’s voice joins in with Maher’s, giving a wonderful, home-grown sound to the song. This anthem proclaims a desire to see God do what He alone can do: miracles.

“I wanna see the blind receive their sight    Hear the praise of the voiceless start to rise   Every child of God baptized with fire   Oh, right here in the presence of the Healer ”  - Matt Maher & Chris Brown

Each of us should share this song’s deep desire to be in the center of the places that God is working. God is not done speaking, moving, and changing things in today’s world. He might be working in the least likely places, but He is still working to reach His sons and daughters that are hurting today. And Jesus is offering to work through us, bringing real change to the world and giving us a front row seat to everything He is doing. We just need to be willing to trust Him and push through the tough moments.

“I wanna see the blind receive their sight
Hear the praise of the voiceless start to rise
Every child of God baptized with fire
Right here in the presence of the Healer”

“In The Room” was released in October 2022 as a part of Maher’s album, “The Stories I Tell Myself”. Maher explains the deeper meaning of the album’s title. “The story of God that I found in the Bible is a story of grace. It’s a story of redemption. It’s a story of reconciliation. Not working around pain, but working through it, and those are the stories I tell myself.”

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