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"God Is Love" by Chris Renzema

"What I deserve, it's not what I find
What more could I say about Him
My God is love"

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This song, probably more than any other song I’ve written, hits you in the face with these words: "What more could I say about Him, my God is love." - @Chris Renzema 

About The Artist

Chris Renzema is a dynamic writer and performer, whose combination of accessible - if a bit disheveled - charm, a love for storytelling, and poignant lyricism, can transform an evening concert into a conversation. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Chris learned to play and sing in churches, while ingesting a steady diet of early 70’s Folk, Punk Rock, and Wilco. His faith and love for music inseparably interwoven, his personal writing plays out like heartfelt, jagged prayers.

Just as comfortable playing in a living room as he does a theater, his honest, vulnerable lyrics both encourage and challenge listeners. His song "You're the Only One" is sung in churches across the country.

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