Mosaic MSC


Tiembla - EP

Tiembla - EP


Glory & Wonder

Glory & Wonder



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Mosaic MSC, an expressive worship band hailing from Los Angeles, California, has emerged as a significant presence in the contemporary Christian music scene with their fresh and passionate approach. Originating from the Mosaic community, a church known for its cultural diversity and creative ethos, Mosaic MSC has carved a distinct musical space that blends pop, rock, and electronic sounds with powerful, spiritual lyrics. Their involvement in the global worship scene has been propelled by notable albums like "Glory & Wonder" and "HUMAN," giving rise to modern worship anthems such as "Tremble" and "Eyes on You."

Infused with contagious energy and a deep spiritual connection, Mosaic MSC has gained recognition for their ability to guide audiences through authentic worship experiences. Their creative and contemporary approach has resonated both in the local church setting and on international stages, solidifying their position as a influential force in modern Christian music. Mosaic MSC continues to inspire followers worldwide through their music, using their platform to connect people with spirituality in a fresh and accessible way.

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