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If singer/songwriter Jonny Diaz would’ve had his way, he would’ve been playing Major League Baseball with his brother Matt instead of singing.

At least that was the plan when Jonny headed to Florida State University on a scholarship back in 2002. However, as many believers have learned one way or another, God had another plan in mind for Jonny’s life. Before long, he was picking up a guitar instead of a bat and glove.

After producing a few independent albums in college, Jonny released Beautiful You in 2009 with Sony Records featuring his popular hit "More Beautiful You." The song is passionate about the urgent need to reach our generation with God’s love, forgiveness and grace. It was written to remind women that they were made by God for a specific purpose, and it's "intelligent pop" sound is a nice diversion from the pop music norm.

“The idea that women need to look a certain way in order to be feel beautiful is completely false,” Jonny explains. “Through this song I hope to get the attention of females and tell them the truth found in God’s Word, that there could never be a more beautiful you!”

Jonny's continued ability to connect his day to day life with his faith in Christ has allowed him to share Christ in a relatable way with his listeners. His latest, self-titled album released in April 2011 featuring singles "Beauty of the Cross" and "Break My Heart."

“As an artist, I believe God gifted me with an ability to relate through the songs and stories I share," Jonny reflected on the new album. "I like looking out at the crowd and seeing the smiles on faces or tears in the eyes and knowing straightaway that these songs are connecting.”

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