Posted on Tuesday, Jun 01, 2021 by Air1 Staff

Worship Wednesday with Lincoln Brewster

"I started playing guitar when I was 9 and it was a really therapeutic thing for me, and it’s interesting all these years later guitar is still like that for me. I just like to play and worship this way. I have a saying that I can’t sing it or say it, then I play it.

Even if you don’t play an instrument you can express yourself to God in so many different ways through your gifts." - @Lincoln Brewster 

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"Music is a tool. Lighting is a tool. Powerpoint is a tool. Getting those things right is not the goal. God is the goal. " - Lincoln Brewster

Song List:

1. Today is the day.
2. Everlasting God
3. No One Like our God
4. Oxygen
5. There is Power

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