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"Ways" by Sean Curran


"Then help me to remember
That heaven is alive
And it's living in me (Right now, yes)"



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“I don’t think of it as a new song, but more as a very old one. The kind that our soul’s know. I can’t help but sing it from the deep place. I pray it moves you the same” @Sean Curran 





"Singing words I believe with people I believe in. 🕊+❤️"

About The Artist:

Sean Curran is a vital part of Passion and sixstepsrecords/Capitol Christian Music Group as a worship leader and songwriter. His first solo EP, Bigger Than I Thought, released in June of 2019. 

Since 2017, Curran has been part of leading worship at Passion Conference and is featured on Passion albums, including: Follow You Anywhere, Whole Heart, and Worthy of Your Name. He is a writer on songs such asBigger than I Thought,” “Whole Heart,” “Glorious Day,” and“Step Into the Light”-- a song that arrested the attention of over 40,000 college students with much anticipation and conversation after it debuted live at Passion 2019. 

Curran composes in such a way that his songs exist as invitations to enter into a conversation with a loving Father. A former member of Billboard chart-ranking band Bellarive, Curran’s eclectic style of worship helps to usher others toward the journey God desires for them. 

Curran lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Natalia. The two call Passion City Church home.

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