Melissa Helser & Naomi Raine Show that God’s Love is Steadfast in "I Can't Get Away"

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2022 by Katie Clinebell

I Can

"You love me when I’m lost
You love me till I’m found
Your love it surrounds me
I can’t get away"

Each of us has run from God at one point or another in our lives. We often think that God will be disappointed or vengeful when we have done something wrong, but when we run from Him, we are actually running away from His unending love for us. Thankfully, as @Melissa Helser and @Naomi Raine reveal in “I Can’t Get Away,” there is no distance we can run to truly escape from God’s love. No matter where we go or how fast we try to flee, God will never forsake us. He is still the same God no matter where we go. 

WATCH NOW: Melissa Helser “I Can’t Get Away (Feat. Naomi Raine)”

“I Can’t Get Away” starts off in a beautiful ballad, as Helser’s voice declares that there is no where we can run where God’s love will not follow. Helser and Raine’s voices make a great pairing, as the song’s energy builds and they both proclaim that it is impossible to truly get away from God’s love. The song’s lyrics portray a beautiful message, praising God for loving us through our highs and lows, and giving us the chance to announce that we will never leave God, just as He will never leave us. 


Just like Jonah, we can run away from God only to be met with His love at every turn. We can try to run as far as possible from God, but He is still with us every step of the journey and will  love us all the while. We are accustomed to people leaving when things get difficult, but no matter the trial, Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. Whatever shameful thing we think has caused us to lose God’s favor, we need to remember that there is no distance too far for God’s love. He Has always been loving, and He always will be.

“I Can’t Get Away” was released in March 2022 as a part of Johnathan David and Melissa Helser’s album, “The Land I’m Livin’ In”. The couple lists “I Can’t Get Away” as the track they feel most passionate about sharing. Jonathan Helser shares, “We had our dear friend Naomi Raine join us on this track and this song is truly a joy bomb!”

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