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Mountainside High School

Good News

"Learning Doesn't Have To Be A Drag" - School Librarian Writes Rap Song To Encourage Study

A library assistant at Mountainside High School wrote a rap song for an open mic performance. It has since become an anthem for the school.

Photo Credit: KGW-TV

Source: kgw.com

Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow: "The Purpose Of Life Is Not To Be Happy, It’s To Love God"

Tim Tebow has been using his Instagram account to share his Christian faith, from Bible verses to his thoughts on happiness and his role in life

Photo Credit: Tebow/Instagram

Source: movieguide.org

John Arroyo and wife


Wounded By 'Un-Friendly Fire' At Fort Hood, This Green Beret Points Others To Jesus (descriptive content)

John Arroyo he heard an audible voice: "John, get up, or your wife will die." - he knows it was the voice of Jesus

Photo Credit: AG News

Source: news.ag.org

swim school


Swim School Readies Children For Water Emergencies

The school specializes in preparing children for falling into the water, unexpectedly.

Photo Credit: WSMV-TV

Source: wsmv.com

Elevation Worship & Brandon Lake  graphic


Elevation Worship & Brandon Lake Beckon 'The Lion Of Judah To Bellow In “LION”

"We quickly forget the great power that we have access to through Jesus. We often remember Jesus as a lamb that was slain for our sins, but we need to remember that He is also the roaring Lion of Judah; majestic and strong."

Photo Credit: Air1

Source: air1.com

gas stove

U.S. & World

L.A. Is Banning Most Gas Appliances In New homes. Electric Stoves Will Be The Norm.

Concern about 'climate change' spurred Friday's unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council.

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/The Times

Source: latimes.com



California Considers Banning Declawing Cats In Most Cases

Lawmakers could soon ban the declawing of cats solely for the convenience of humans, to halt what animal rights activists say is a painful procedure used primarily to prevent torn furniture and scratched skin.

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area

Source: nbcbayarea.com

Fire rages along a ridgeline east of highway 518 near the Taos County line as firefighters from all over the country converge on Northern New Mexico to battle the Hermit's Peak and Calf Canyon fires on May 13, 2022.

U.S. & World

New Mexico's Largest Wildfire Traced Back To Planned Burn By US Forest Managers

The findings shift responsibility more squarely toward the U.S. Forest Service for initiating a natural disaster that has destroyed at least 330 homes as flames raged through nearly 500 square miles .

Photo Credit: Jim Weber/Santa Fe New Mexican via AP

Man passes by a section of roof blown off in New Orleans from Hurricane Ida

U.S. & World

New Orleans Protection Plans Complete 17 Years After Hurricane Katrina

The Army Corps of Engineers has completed an extensive system of floodgates, strengthened levees and other protections.

Photo Credit: AP/Eric Gay

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