Apollo Moon Landing Newspaper Story


Memories Of Watching Apollo 11: 'You Could Hear A Pin Drop'

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the moon in 1969, the world was watching

Photo Credit: Cathy Goff via AP



Scientists Find New Way To Kill Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

The downside: It may not be practical for larger areas and may cost a lot of money

Photo Credit: Guangzhou Wolbaki Biotech via AP

Alaska River Power Generator


Alaska Village Will Install New River Power Generator

They are turning to an emerging technology to transform the power of a local river into a sustainable energy source

Photo Credit: Austin McDaniel/Alaska Governor's Office via AP

There's No Pickup Truck Emoji. Ford Wants To Change That


There Is No Pickup Truck Emoji, Ford Wants To Change That

Ford is in the process of creating a pickup truck emoji that could be available by next year.

'The Dish' Still Beaming Signals 50 Years After Moon Walk


'The Dish' Still Beaming Signals 50 Years After Moon Walk

It's known as "The Dish" and it soars above a nondescript paddock...

FaceApp displayed on an iPhone


Myths And Risks In App That Gives You Peek Into Older Self

Some fear FaceApp might be able to see and upload all your photos

Photo Credit: AP/Jenny Kane

NASA Mission Control


She Helped Restore Apollo 11 Moon Mission Control

UK graduate Caitlin Brashear helped restore the historic control room where NASA employees launched Apollo 11's mission to the moon 50 years ago.

Child at  beach with dad taking picture


These Hashtags Could Be Putting Your Children At Risk On Social Media

Some experts say certain hashtags could be accidentally luring predators

AT&T logo


AT&T Sued For Selling Customers’ Location Data

The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed suit