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Baby using neck float


FDA Warns Against Use Of Baby Neck Floats, Citing Risk Of Injury, Death

“The safety and effectiveness of neck floats to build strength, to promote motor development or as a physical therapy tool, have not been established.

Photo Credit: Boston 25 News

Source: boston25news.com

Kids playing outside


Adventurous Childhood Play May Buffer Against Anxiety And Depression

A new study confirms what many parents already teach their kids – playing outside may be beneficial for their health, especially after COVID-19 restrictions.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Source: foxnews.com

A health worker administers a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine


FDA Recommends Updated COVID Booster Shots For Fall

Health advisers voted that it's time to tweak booster doses to better match the most recent virus variants.

Photo Credit: AP/Matt Rourke

oval-shaped monkeypox virions


Health Officials To Take More Steps In Monkeypox Outbreak

Reacting to a surprising and growing monkeypox outbreak, U.S. health officials expanded the group of people recommended to get vaccinated against the monkeypox virus.

Photo Credit: Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regner/CDC via AP

Baby floating in water with an inflatable item around its neck


FDA Warns Against Use Of Baby Neck Floats Due To The Risk Of Death Or injury

Be aware that the use of neck floats in babies with special needs can lead to an increased risk of neck strain and injury

Photo Credit: Fox 17

Source: fox17.com



Experts - These Are The Best Immune-Boosting Foods

Nutrition experts reveal the best foods which can support your immunity, and help you maintain a wholesome and well-balanced diet.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Source: foxnews.com

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