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Bethel Tech Students


Training Students For The Tech World With Christian Values

California online tech school trains students with an emphasis on faith values

Photo Credit: Bethel Tech

Volunteers loading free groceries into cars


Feeding The 5,000 - Church Team Blesses Community

Volunteers hand out free groceries to thousands affected by the COVID-19 lockdown

Photo Credit: Journey Church

pastor at piano


California Pastor: COVID-19 Church Singing Ban 'Infringes On Religious Rights'

California bans singing, chanting in churches to try to slow spread of coronavirus

Photo Credit: KCRA

Source: kcra.com

police car


Pastors In Police Cars, Officers In Pews: Police & Community 'Walk A Mile' In Each Other's Shoes

The interactive program also allows clergy to try their hand at "being officers" and facing the many challenges and pressure of split-second decisions.

Photo Credit: CBN News

Source: www1.cbn.com

"Jesus Revolution" movie


New ‘Jesus Revolution’ Film: The Story Of Young 'Lost Boy' Greg Laurie And His Mentor/Pastor Chuck Smith

In the early 70s, the country experienced social upheaval. Against this unlikely backdrop, young adults found new meaning, seeing Christianity with fresh eyes, sparking spiritual revival

Photo Credit: Baker Books

Bible and flag


The Founders Meant To Keep Government Out Of Church, Not God Out Of Government

The 4th of July makes us think of our independence and freedoms.  But when our Founders came up with the First Amendment, were they trying to keep government free from religion?  Or religion free from government?  

Photo Credit: CBN News

Source: www1.cbn.com

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