Phil Wickham Maps Out His Direction on Personal Declaration ‘The Jesus Way’

Posted on Friday, April 5, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

"The Jesus Way" Phil Wickham

There’s no denying who Phil Wickham is following when listeners hear “The Jesus Way.” The personal declaration sets the compass for Wickham’s life with a chorus that proclaims his unwavering allegiance to Christ.

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“‘The Jesus Way’ is one of the closest songs to my heart that I’ve ever released. It’s impacted my own life personally in a profound way. For me, it’s a line-in-the-sand song about what I want to stand for and who I follow,” Wickham shares. “I’m so excited to sing this song with the Church, and I’m inviting anyone and everyone who follows Jesus to join me in this anthem.”

Wickham wrote the impassioned ballad — inspired by the words of Jesus during His famous “Sermon on the Mount” (also known as “The Beatitudes”) — with longtime collaborator and producer Jonathan Smith for his latest full-length album, “I Believe.” Painting an accurate portrait of God’s upside-down Kingdom and the narrow, but rewarding, path we walk as believers, “The Jesus Way” affirms the truth of John 14:6 written in red: “…I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

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Wickham recently released a “Hometown Version” of the powerful track that takes on the ethos of the laidback, breezy landscape of his hometown of Encinitas, California, a suburb of San Diego. The SoCal native re-recorded “I Believe” in its entirety, stripping it down to sand, sea and his acoustic guitar. The bare-bones collection is set to release soon.

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In the meantime, the K-LOVE Fan Award winner has been performing “The Jesus Way” every night on his headlining “I Believe Tour,” which features support from special guests Pat Barrett and Benjamin William Hastings. It’s sure to remain a staple in his setlist come August when he reprises the “Summer Worship Nights Tour” with kindred spirit and fellow worship leader Brandon Lake.

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