Patrick Mayberry Shows the Necessity of Struggle in “Lead On Good Shepherd”

Posted on Friday, June 23, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

Air1 New Song Feature: "Lead On Good Shepherd" Patrick Mayberry

"Lead on, Good Shepherd
I’ll follow all my days
There ain’t nothing sweeter
Than to watch You make a way"

When we choose to follow God with our lives rather than leading ourselves, we place an enormous amount of trust in God to see us through to our desired destination. When the path God leads us on takes us through dark valleys, and into difficult places, our trust can begin to waver. In “Lead On Good Shepherd,” Patrick Mayberry reminds us that even though God might lead us through some hard things, He still knows what He is doing and will never let us down. We can often forget that God may need to lead us through these dark times in order to reach a better destination than we could have gotten to otherwise. 

“Lead On Good Shepherd” begins with a rocking, acoustic guitar sound as Mayberry declares that, though the path God set out for him may have been rocky, He has never been beaten by it. The song kicks into high gear as Mayberry declares that God has consistently turned his problems into a promised land. This song’s sound blends together elements of rock, southern gospel music, and a hint of country to produce a joyful sound like few others. 

In all the seasons of life, it is best to take things one step at a time. Though the end of this valley may not yet be in our sights, we will never reach the end if we do not continue on. God has guaranteed us that the best is yet to come. Things will get better, and God will prove Himself to be good on His promises. Keep walking the path faithfully, and it will take you to some amazing places if you just walk on through the trials.

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Step by step, day by day
Lead me on, Lord I pray
Road gets dark, walk by faith
Lead on, Good Shepherd”

“Lead On Good Shepherd” was released in 2023. Mayberry encourages prospective songwriters by saying, “Keep your sights set and on exactly what Jesus has called only you to do…. and run after it like crazy throwing caution to the wind. God, our Father is wilder, crazier, deeper, more fun, and more full of surprises than you or I could ever imagine.”

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