Elevation Worship "Another One" Exclusive Performance

Posted on Monday, February 26, 2024 by Air1 Staff

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"Miracle after miracle
Open door after open door
Here it comes, so get ready for another one
'Cause another one is on the way"

Are you prepared for a miracle? If so, you're in great company! Elevation Worship recently visited the Air1 studios in Nashville, TN, delivering an exclusive performance of their latest single, "Another One."

In this acoustic rendition, Chris Brown takes the lead vocal, singing with profound emotion while emphasizing the extraordinary series of miracles attributed to God. Drawing inspiration from pivotal events in the Bible that exemplify God's perfect plan, the performance encourages you to raise your hands in reverence, no matter where you find yourself. Immerse yourself in the anthemic melodies and empowering lyrics that speak to the nature of God's miracle power!

Take this moment today to turn your face to God in worship, and brace yourself for yet another miracle!

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