Rekindled: The Story Behind Consumed By Fire

Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2023 by Katie Clinebell

Artist Spotlight - Consumed by Fire

An emerging worship band comprised of three brothers, Consumed by Fire has just recently made their way onto the charts, but has shown much talent thus far. With nominations for song of the year and artist of the year, Consumed By Fire has grown from a spark into an inferno at a rapid pace. But where did this group come from, and how has their spiritual journey led these three brothers to where they are today? Join us as we take a look at the story behind Consumed By Fire and see everything it took to get them to where they are now.

Listen to Consumed By Fire in “First Thing First”

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From an early age, brothers Caleb, Josh, and Jordan Ward were closely involved in ministry, as their parents traveled around the world, preaching the gospel and planting churches to make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God. The trio set out on their own as teenagers, inspired by their parents’ ministry to bring the gospel to the world their own way. Over the first few years, the band would release a collection of singles, including “Walk Through Fire,” “Lean On Me,” and “I Need You God”, but the band would not take things to the next level for some time.

In the wake of the pandemic, the family would experience the loss of their father in 2022. The Ward family’s father had been a consistent source of inspiration and encouragement for the band, and his passing served to inspire the trio once again. Diving back into the world of songwriting once again, Consumed By Fire would soon release their hit EP, “First Things First” in March 2023. 

This album would feature the band’s most beloved song to date, “First Things First,” as well as songs like “Goodbye Ole Me” and “Hope Says”. Now, the band continues to carry on their father’s legacy, proclaiming the gospel like never before and bringing honest songs to the airwaves. This band has returned with a brand new vigor, and we cannot wait to hear what they will bring us next.

Consumed By Fire has been rekindled and has brought us some of the most memorable music of the year. Jordan Ward, the drummer of the trio, breaks down his thankfulness for the band’s musical journey throughout the years.

 “There are so many memories from this journey that hit us every day. If the Lord were to bring this music career to a close one day, I don’t think it would be possible for the older versions of ourselves to narrow down our highlights to one single moment.”

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