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1 Thessalonians 4 7

April 20, 2019

God has called us to live holy lives, not impure lives.

1 Thessalonians 4:7 NLT - Full Chapter

Provided By: New Living Translation


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 John 12 32

April 19, 2019

And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.

John 12:32 NLT - Full Chapter


Romans 5 8

April 18, 2019

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

Romans 5:8 NLT - Full Chapter


Colossians 3 15

April 17, 2019

And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.

Colossians 3:15 NLT - Full Chapter


2 Peter 1 3

April 16, 2019

By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence.

2 Peter 1:3 NLT - Full Chapter


John 10 11

April 15, 2019

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep.

John 10:11 NLT - Full Chapter


Matthew 21 9

April 14, 2019

Jesus was in the center of the procession, and the people all around him were shouting, “Praise God for the Son of David! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Praise God in highest heaven!”

Matthew 21:9 NLT - Full Chapter