Hailing (mostly) from the Sunshine State, Florida, was quite the Huck Finn-experience for me, and it continues to shape who I am today...


Rolling it back to the beginning: I was born in Alexandria, VA to an Army father & nursing student mother. I quickly became the focal point of my two-and-a-half-year-old sister’s jealousy (when I was around eight-months-old, she flipped me out of my baby seat, onto my head, which explains a lot!)


Tampa Bay became home eighteen short months later after my parent’s divorce. As a kid from a “broken home”, I was always looking for escape & adventure, creating it when it wasn’t around. Humor was my way to navigate tough times, including the loss of my dad at fourteen. Fast-forward to the end of high school. With a 2.7 GPA and zero plans for college; I, oddly enough, ended up in Nashville, TN to attend college in the fall. With little to no clue about life, let alone declaring a major, I stumbled into radio. From 1999 to the present day, I’ve cracked the mic at fifteen different radio stations in five states. And yes, I own my own moving dolly. Which of course helped with my move to Air1. In December 2019, I celebrated my ten-year anniversary with Air1!


A few years into the process of trying to make “this radio-thing” work, I met Sarah, the woman who eventually said “yes!” Now we’re blessed with three kids: Kylie, Finn X. and Toby Danger (yes, that’s his real name!) and between work and home there’s never a dull moment.

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