Posted on Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 by Katie Clinebell

Breathe Miracles by Red Rocks Worship

“Over every broken heart
Hopе is rising through the dark
Over evеry weary soul
Breathe miracles"

Have you ever thought about breathing? If you’re anything like me, I don’t become aware of it until it becomes difficult, like when I’m swimming underwater or have a cold. In our design, breathing is our natural state of being. It requires little effort or thought. God’s miracle working nature is like that too. Performing miracles is just in the fabric of His being. But for some reason when we implore God to perform miracles in our lives, it sometimes feels like we are asking Him to perform an intensive workout filled with heavy lifting that will take great effort to achieve. In “Breathe Miracles”, Red Rocks Worship reminds us that for God, performing miracles is as effortless as breathing.

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In this rhythmic celebratory song, Red Rocks Worship looks ahead to God’s victories yet to come as the promise of the miracles broken hearts need to experience now. As the triumphant refrain padded with a driving electric guitar and swelling synthesizers grows in power, worshippers claim God’s kingdom of tomorrow as their reality of today. Because He can be trusted tomorrow, He can be trusted today.

“We can see Your kingdom come
We believe the war is won
Right here Your will be done
Come awaken us, come awaken us”

With a mindset newly awoken and focused on God’s effortless ability to claim victory in the days to come, we are reminded just how easy it is for God to move in us and for us amidst whatever battle we are currently facing. The Heaven we will know in the future is where our God presently sits and is the place from which He breathes miracles for us in our current moment. His victory and kingdom of tomorrow is our victory and reality of today.

“Over every broken heart  Hope is rising through the dark  Over every weary soul  Breathe miracles" -  Lyrics from Breathe Miracles from Red Rocks Worship

“Breathe Miracles” comes from @Red Rocks Worship’s EP, “Things of Heaven (Where We Come From)” that was released in March 2021. A second complimentary EP called “Things of Heaven (Where We’re Going)” was released in July of 2021.

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