Released Inmates Get Suited Up For Success

Monday, November 18 2019 by Billie Branham

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Man leaving prison with a new suit
Illinois Department Of Corrections
Leaving prison with a new suit

ILLINOIS (Billie Branham) – Nearly half of us have a family member that has gone to prison or jail. And once they serve their time, trying to find employment while having a record isn’t easy. People don’t leave prisons with much. And they usually don’t get clothing that gives them confidence for interviews.

“The men and the women, unfortunately, leave in maybe a sweat suit or maybe in their prison garb and maybe with $50 in their pocket. And that doesn’t go very far.” -Bill Denwood, Suits for Success Founder

Suits for Success is helping break that cycle. They collect all kinds of donated clothing, sport coats, suits, shirts and pants then clean and deliver them to correctional facilities and prisons around Illinois. Bill Denwood started the program. He says in order for offenders to truly get a fresh start, they need to get back to work. And helping them dress for interviews can be life-changing for a former inmate.

(Bill Denwood, Suits for Success Founder)

Denwood says, “Make it an even playing field with other people that are interviewing for the same job. It’s a benefit for the prisoners. Also, it’s a benefit to the community because all of a sudden they’re not taking tax dollars.”

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