Lauren & Tony Dungy - Using Your Influence To Bless Others; One Example Is Foster Care, Adoption (+podcast)

Friday, September 9 2022 by Richard D. Hunt

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Lauren & Tony Dungy
Lauren & Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy is well-known in the world of football, but you may not be aware that Tony and wife Lauren have been setting an impressive example for foster care and adoption. 

“It’s been a rewarding experience,” shares Lauren, “we’ve been fostering for over 30 years and currently we have three children in our care. And, along with the fostering, we have adopted children as well. We have eight kids under-our-roof that are adopted – ages 21 to 6 – (she smiles), so it’s been a busy household, but we enjoy it. It’s a blessing, and we believe that we’re being obedient to God’s calling on our lives.” 

The Dungys believe it’s critically important to say ‘yes’ to God, when you’re convinced it’s God calling you. Their life experiences with fostering and adoption, as well as marriage and serving God, are detailed in their new jointly-written book “Uncommon Influence: Saying Yes to a Purposeful Life.” 

Tony explains, “We just think that Christianity – people can say ‘it’s weird,’ people can say it’s different, but Jesus said, ‘We go down a narrow road,’ and the path is not the broad path that the whole world is on. So, we choose to look at that as not weird or different…but, uncommon.

That’s the first word in the book title.

As for the second word: influence, “We wanted to let people know that they can have an influence in their world in a lot of different ways.”

Learn some examples and ideas for coming alongside others to share hope and faith in a nation experiencing many troubles and conflicts. That’s in our complete podcast interview just below:

Lauren Dungy is an early childhood educational specialist, best-selling author, and frequently sought-after speaker. As the vice president of the Dungy Family Foundation, Lauren has a great passion and love for children. Lauren and Tony have been married for 31 years and are the parents of 11 children. 

Tony Dungy is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include Quiet Strength, Uncommon, The Mentor Leader, and Uncommon Marriage. He led the Indianapolis Colts to Super Bowl victory on February 4, 2007, the first such win for an African American head coach. Dungy was also the first head NFL coach to lead his teams to the playoffs for ten consecutive years.

NFL Hall of Fame
[Photo Credit: AP] NFL Hall of Fame's Tony Dungy


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