Posted on Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020 by Billie Branham, ed. Marya Morgan

Socially-distanced schooling in the age of COVID-19 has been bumpy for parents who feel inadequate as teachers. For some families, the shutdown drove disillusionment with public school curriculum, prompting a leap to homeschooling. Whether you homeschool or embrace distance learning, experts insist that school-at-home can indeed work for you. Air1's Billie Branham reports.


“Keeping it simple” is key says Arlene Pellicane, mom, author and host of Accessmore podcast A Happy Home. “Master the basics. Just focus on like two things that would help this distance learning thing work.” 

As homeschoolers, parents take full responsibility for what their children learn, a method mentor and coach Kayla Weller finds effective, flexible and fun. “You can teach them what they’re interested in and there’s no set rules for how to teach,” and “you would be surprised how much kids absorb when you take the time work with them.” 


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