• Unspoken - Christmas Everyday Lyrics

    From the album Christmas Everyday - Single

    Tell me why do we wait 364 days
    To slow down and stop
    Remember how blessed we are
    So we're trading in the wish list
    All the things we never needed
    Let love fill up our hearts

    All year we should remember
    Remember how blessed we are

    We don't need lights, we don't need snow
    If we're got the faith then we've got the hope
    Through the year we don't have to wait
    Cause it's Christmas everyday
    Can you hear the angels sing
    Let the love in your heart be the gift you bring
    And put a smile of someone's face
    Now it's Christmas everyday

    Oh oh oh, woah (x3)
    Now it's Christmas everyday

    From the hanging up the mistletoe, everything is so white
    Your neighborhood is like a snow globe and it feels so right
    And when the winter wind blows outside it may be so cold
    But if you've got the love inside and maybe feel your soul glow

    Now we're in the colder weather and the family is together
    Gathering ‘round the fire, caroling like a choir
    If love's the gift we share
    Then we don't need to care about the season cause we've always got a reason
    To give ourselves a way
    To give ourselves a way

    Oh oh oh, woah (for the whole world) (x3)
    Now it's Christmas everyday