Shaef Says Goodbye To Air1 😢

Shaef, you will always be family here at Air1, and you will definitely be missed! (Seriously, we've already started our ugly cry 😭)

We Love You Shaef


Mike Shaeffer’s radio career began in his hometown of Lake Havasu City, Arizona when he was just 15 years old. After a few short years, Shaef was given the opportunity to broadcast in a “slightly cooler” state called Minnesota. In 2000, things heated up when he unexpectedly received a call from what was, at the time, a small cluster of radio stations heard in a few states… the beginnings of a little-known network called Air1. After 7 years, Shaef’s career took him in a slightly different direction when he moved to Canada to host a morning radio show in Vancouver, BC. 5 rainy years later, Shaef decided to move back to Arizona to replenish his vitamin D levels, spend quality time with his family and “quit radio for good!” That is until Air1 called again.

Lee (Lauren Lee) was born and raised in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Her love of all things pink and girly stems from being the only girl out of 4 kids. She planned on hosting her own tv show while majoring in Journalism at Colorado State University but plans quickly changed when she got bit by the radio bug. On weekends you can find her hanging out with her husband, watching crime shows #GuiltyPleasure, eating flaming hot Cheetos, or attempting to cook without setting off the smoke detector. #MarriedLifeGoals 

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