Elevation Worship ft. Brandon Lake "Graves Into Gardens"

Posted on Monday, Mar 23, 2020 by Music News

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Elevation Worship ft. Brandon Lake "Graves Into Gardens"

"You turn graves into garden

You turn bones into armies

You turn seas into highways

You're the only one who can"

We love what Steven Furtick with Elevation Church shared,

"On the night we recorded this song, as the bridge kept refusing to die - right before Brandon Lake exploded "he's turning my GRAAAAAAAAVE!!!!!" my oldest son gave me a 😳 look. The look said, "what is happening right now, this is insane" & I was thinking the same thing. I had never seen our church rock like that, the energy of belief and joy made me dizzy.
I flashed back to the moments we were writing it, when the progressive lyric settled in over the simple riff we'd been strumming for hours, when I smiled like a kid at Chris Brown, Brandon Lake & Tiffany Hammer and we sensed an anthem was being born. But I could never have imagined it would go off like this. I think you'll feel what we felt as you listen and watch and sing or scream it. We all need a blast of bold praise and gritty faith right about now, sounds and words to remind us who our God is and what he can do. GRAVES INTO GARDENS is here!"

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