there IS hope among the darkness...

Posted on Thursday, Aug 8, 2019 by Music News

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Rend Collective Your Name Is Power
"Your name is power over darkness
Freedom for the captives
Mercy for the broken and the hopeless
Your name is faithful in the battle
Glory in the struggle
Mighty it won't let us down or fail us
Your name is power
Your name is power
" - lyrics from "Your Name Is Power"

In the initial stages of writing the new song "Your Name Is Power," the first verse opened with questions: "Is there any hope among the darkness? Is there any right among the wrong?" Gareth Gilkeson, Rend Collective's band leader and drummer, recalls it like this...

"We were coming from that place. We were looking around the world, looking at our own situations and asking those questions. And then we realized, in times of uncertainty, yes there are questions but what we need to do as a church and what we need to do as individuals is to proclaim truth. And so we actually changed that whole first verse to 'You're the answer in the darkness, You're the right among the wrong.' And, that for us gave the song much more purpose and much more strength."
Gareth continues, "We need to declare the truth in the darkness. Rather than retreating, or getting lost within our doubts and questions, we need to be brave and stand up."

Watch the Official Music Video for "Your Name Is Power" here:


The acoustic performance for "Your Name Is Power" has a unique vibe. Check it out and discover more of the story behind the song @ 3:54. There's also a bonus. Learn how to play "Your Name Is Power @ 8:35:


Yes! There is hope among the darkness. Yes, there is right among the wrong. And, His name is Jesus! 

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