love is our native tongue!

Posted on Friday, Jul 19, 2019 by Music News

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Switchfoot Native Tongue

"Sing the words of the wise and the young / Show me the place where your words come from / Love is a language / Love is your native tongue" - lyrics from "Native Tongue"

Check out the new music video from Switchfoot for "Native Tongue"


"Native Tongue" (Official Music Video)

Switchfoot has an impromptu acoustic collaboration with a Bangladeshi band.

Watch it play out in this colorful three minute documentary of the experience from the guy's perspective:


“Music was the way to communicate love, to stretch a string between Bangladesh and San Diego. To play music with these people we’ve never met felt like this euphoric rush, where we were right where we were supposed to be ... Louder than fear. Louder than hatred. Love is our native tongue.” – Switchfoot

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